Hundreds of Journalists Sign Letter Demanding Israel Be Blamed for Everything

At least 750 self-described journalists have signed an open letter published Thursday that condemns Israel for killing reporters and just about everything short of crop failure and boils on the ass and their employers for not falling in line with the antisemitic left’s view of the Israel-Hamas War.

The letter, which appears on a one-page website called “,” accuses newsroom managers of undermining “Palestinian, Arab and Muslim perspectives, dismissing them as unreliable and have invoked inflammatory language that reinforces Islamophobic and racist tropes.” 

I can’t imagine why that would be unless the “inflammatory language that reinforces Islamophobic and racist tropes” accurately portrays how Hamas and its Gazan bootlicks operate.

It also levels the charge that their colleagues don’t use the correct language to describe what is happening in Gaza.

This is our job: to hold power to account. Otherwise we risk becoming accessories to genocide.
We are renewing the call for journalists to tell the full truth without fear or favor. To use precise terms that are well-defined by international human rights organizations, including “apartheid,” “ethnic cleansing” and “genocide.” To recognize that contorting our words to hide evidence of war crimes or Israel’s oppression of Palestinians is journalistic malpractice and an abdication of moral clarity.

Its primary concern is that a number of pro-terror reporters covering the conflict while on the Hamas side of the battlefield have been killed.

Reporters in the besieged Gaza Strip are contending with extensive power outages, food and water shortages and a breakdown of the medical system. They have been killed while visibly working as press, as well as at night in their homes. An investigation from Reporters Without Borders also shows deliberate targeting of journalists during two Oct. 13 Israeli strikes in South Lebanon, which killed Reuters videographer Issam Abdallah and injured six other journalists.
Reporters’ families have been killed, too. Wael Dahdouh, Al Jazeera’s Gaza bureau chief and a household name in the Arab world, learned on-air Oct. 25 that his wife, children, and other relatives had been killed in an Israeli airstrike. A Nov. 5 strike on the home of journalist Mohammad Abu Hassir of Wafa News Agency killed him and 42 family members.

This letter underscores the fatuous, spoiled-brat, midwit stereotype that normal people everywhere have of journalists. I don’t want to engage in victim blaming, but if you leave your wife, child, or “42 family members” in a war zone, perhaps, and stay with me here, you might be acting in a cosmically irresponsible manner, and maybe you share some of the blame for their deaths.

I’m sorry if you “are contending with extensive power outages, food and water shortages, and a breakdown of the medical system.” This may be a shock, but you are in a war zone, and unless you brought your own, the person responsible for supplying those items is your employer, not the IDF. It is unfortunate you are uncomfortable, but you are the one who decided to act like a vulture picking at carrion for fame and fortune, and you need to man up and own it.

You, a journalist, are not qualified to use words that have legal meanings, like “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing.” These are terms that international tribunals, not reporters, award, and they carry legal consequences. Neither of those is happening in Gaza. Israel has opened a humanitarian corridor out of the combat zone to allow safe passage of refugees out of the area of combat operations. Civilians are killed when they choose or are forced to be human shields for Hamas terrorists. There is no evidence that Gazans will not be allowed to stay in Gaza, elect more terrorists as leaders, and do this all over again in ten years or so.

Being a journalist does not get you immunity from the consequences of being in a war zone. Period. If you are embedded with combatants, you take the risks they take. If you are an active partisan and trying to sway international opinion in favor of a terrorist enterprise, in my view, you’ve become a legitimate target. And let’s not be coy here. Evidence indicates the overwhelming majority of reporters who elect to report from the Hamas side of the battle line are Hamas partisans masquerading as journalists. We know, for instance, that the Associated Press shared office space with the Hamas leadership until an Israeli bomb evicted the lot of them.

And AP knew that well, according to one account. “When Hamas’ leaders surveyed their assets before this summer’s round of fighting, they knew that among those assets was the international press. The AP staff in Gaza City would witness a rocket launch right beside their office, endangering reporters and other civilians nearby — and the AP wouldn’t report it,” says a 2014 Atlantic piece by Matti Friedman. Hamas militants would regularly “burst into the AP’s Gaza bureau and threaten the staff — and the AP wouldn’t report it.”
It seems that what AP doesn’t know — and doesn’t report — always favors Hamas over those the group terrorizes.

This week, we learned that stringers for AP, CNN, Reuters, and The New York Times were embedded in Hamas terror cells as they murdered kibbutz families and concertgoers on October 7; see Disturbing ‘Journalism’ Ethics: Did News Wires Have Journalists Embedded With Hamas on October 7? We have video of one of CNN’s “journalists,” taken from his public Facebook account, that shows him accompanying a Hamas terror cell inside of Israel and holding a hand grenade.

One of AP’s “journalists” was with a Hamas cell as they killed Israeli civilians. The image below places an AP journalist in the company of terrorists as they rampage through an Israeli kibbutz.

Being embedded with an FBI SWAT team raiding a criminal hideout is a lot different than helping a Mafia hit squad do its work. One is legal, the other makes you a criminal accomplice.No amount t of letter writing is going to save the “journalists” who accompanied terrorists, nor should it; see Israel Announces Take No Prisoners Approach to ‘Journalists’ Who Participated in Hamas Attack.

More on this episode can be found here: NYT Puts Out Astonishing Statement on ‘Photojournalist’ Who Was With Hamas During Terror Attack

Finally, journalists are there to report accurately and objectively. It is the job of the senior editors and the publisher to decide what, if any, position the outlet takes on an issue. The idea that you get to use someone else’s outlet to push your peculiar worldview shows a stunning lack of maturity. But then we are talking about fatuous, spoiled-brat midwits, so the letter is solidly on-brand.

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