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Sick: Footage Appears to Show Hamas Terrorists Shooting Fleeing Palestinian Civilians

AP Photo/Adel Hana

Footage appearing to show Hamas terrorists shooting Palestinian civilians in Gaza has been circulating on social media amid the ongoing war between Israel and the terrorist group. The incident raises even more concerns about the safety of civilians in the war zone.

According to the footage and various reports, Hamas operatives fired on Palestinian civilians attempting to flee a pediatric cancer hospital. As the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) continue their effort to eliminate Hamas, the terrorist group has been using civilians as human shields and refusing to let them flee the region to avoid getting caught in the crossfire.

Reports suggest that at least a dozen Gaza residents were gunned down by Hamas as they attempted to escape to the southern portion of the region.

Footage posted on X Friday shows families walking onto a side street waving white flags before gunfire is heard, sending the crowd scrambling for shelter while a child can be heard crying.

Media intelligence agency Storyful confirmed that the video was recorded at the al-Nasr Pediatric Hospital based on Google Maps images, but was unable to say whether the terror group or Israeli forces was responsible.

Independent journalist Alexander Higgins reported on X that jihadists began shooting after Israeli forces agreed to allow civilians to evacuate the hospital.

The Israel Defense Forces have surrounded the facility — which it says doubles as a terrorist citadel — as it attempts to root out Hamas in response to its Oct. 7 attack on southern Israel that killed more than 1,400 people, including 33 Americans.

The IDF released a recording calling on civilians to flee southward for safety as it prepared an airstrike against the area.

These reports highlight the complex and often tragic nature of the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza. Israeli soldiers have repeatedly found evidence that terrorists were using civilians as human shields, storing their weapons, rocket launchers, and operatives in buildings occupied by noncombatants.

Yet, in America and other Western nations, there are still people defending Hamas and pretending that it is Israel who is the primary oppressor in this ongoing conflict. Hamas is actively trying to get civilians killed so they can use their corpses as propaganda tools against Israel in the battle over public opinion.

Even the Biden administration seems hesitant to punish Hamas for using people as shields. The president has come under fire from Republicans and Democrats for refusing to levy sanctions against the terrorist organization for using this tactic.

This conflict produces tragedy after tragedy as Israel seeks to eliminate the threat posed by Hamas. Unfortunately, it will still be some time before this current conflict ends.

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